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5/6-inch LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight; 15W

5/6-inch LED Eyeball Dimmable Downlight; 15W

Submitted by • December 13, 2018

High Energy-Efficiency: Delivers lumens as high as 1000lm and still need less watts to be operational and effective. And so at 15W, if it is equivalent to 60W of any halogen light, it is then 4 times more energy-efficient than the latter.
Even Distribution of Light: The light emitted by this downlight is even and uniform.
Two Color Temperature Options: A color temperature of 3000K imparts a warm white or soft white glow with a yellowish hue, ideal for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms bathrooms etc. The 5000K imparts a neutral white light-daywhite light glow ideal for display lighting and highly productive work environment that requires detail and focus.
Works With Most Standard Dimmers: This downlight is compatible with most dimmers and can provide for smooth 0-10V dimming of light. This prevents any loss of light energy.

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