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USA Mohel Launches Interactive Website For Improved Knowledge

USA Mohel Launches Interactive Website For Improved Knowledge

Submitted by • December 19, 2013

For over 27 years, Rabbi Nechemia Markovits M.B Certified Mohel, a fifth generation Mohel, has been practicing in NY Tristate and beyond. To further expand his practice, Rabbi Markovits is proud to announce the launch of his newly developed website. The website is available at and contains a wealth of information to help better inform families of his services.

"Having a website is important to help parents better understand our services for their son. I am hoping that this website will help parents while they are preparing to arrange their son's brit so that they do not have to worry and will know that their son is in the good hands of a professional mohel," said Rabbi Nechemia Markovits, USA Mohel.

For more information on Mohel, Rabbi Markovits and his services, parents are encouraged to visit his website for improved knowledge of and other services performed. Rabbi Markovits looks forward to performing the Mitzvah of Brit Milah of your son.

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