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Fire Smoke Dampers

Fire Smoke Dampers

Submitted by • January 1, 2014

Fire Smoke Dampers get activated by the fire alarm system. Fire alarm system gets initiated by the smoke detectors. Dampers can also be interlocked with a fire suppression system installed within. Fire Smoke Dampers can be automatic or may have to be operated manually when there is an outbreak of fire. The combination of fire and smoke barrier together will ensure smoke as well as fire is controlled. How effective the damper is will be decided by the leakage class rating. While the dampers are manufactured they have to undergo strict tests so that level of air leakage could be measured. To ensure any building has passive fire protection system, Fire Smoke Dampers have become essential and integral part of it. There are many manufacturers who have designed and produced these dampers but to only if little bit of research is done regarding their features before actually buying them, buyers are sure to get the ones that that will cater to specific requirements of theirs.

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