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Missed Call Services – Voice Broadcasting – IVR- SMSJOSH

Missed Call Services – Voice Broadcasting – IVR- SMSJOSH

Submitted by • June 15, 2016

Missed call service when a user enters a missed call number and promotes to sell the product or service, callers when they call to that particular number; it automatically disconnects after a few rings and an SMS acknowledgment can also be activated if necessary. Incoming calls will be stored on the web with all the details like phone number, the date of the caller and the time of the call, and call log can be viewed at any time. SMSJOSH software missed call, you can view call logs, missed call your number, the number of available SMS credits, date and time of the call. This helps you keep track of all users who are interested in your services and products and at the same time there is no chance of missing any lead.

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