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Heavenly Handloom Weaves

Heavenly Handloom Weaves

Submitted by • June 16, 2016

Handlooms have their acknowledged niche in the world of fabrics. Special and ever sought after, handlooms are dedicated weaves akin to an act of devotion, a fine display of art and craftsmanship. Neither are sarees identical, nor patterns blindly replicated, no design cliché nor motifs repeated is the special characteristic of Indian handlooms. From coarse and average to fine and superfine thread counts, handloom varieties are available at distinct locations in most states of the country. The use of organic dyes, a good choice of vibrant colour combinations, hand painting, tribal art, batik, warli paintings, thematic representations of folklore and the epics or other popular themes through tribal art, kalamkari and a lot more, contribute to the variety and ensure continued interest of the market in handlooms.

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