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Rain+ Trade – A Trader’s Delight

Rain+ Trade – A Trader’s Delight

Submitted by • July 6, 2016

Having existed since the time of human civilisation, agri trade has grown in leaps and bounds. The unprecedented growth however means ever-changing trading patterns. With the proliferation of channels of communication, rapidly vanishing geographical boundaries and rapid urbanisation, the opportunities for agritrading are plentiful. Growth of organised retail, increasing global demand, customers’ preference for high-quality goods, etc are just a few of the opportunities available.

Attaining success in today’s fast-paced world requires traders to keep their ear to the ground for real-time information of prices at different locations, supply-demand situation and market conditions. Logistics capacity to transfer goods on-time is another important aspect. Not to forget that traders are expected to constantly monitor external events like cropping patterns, transportation costs, exchange rate fluctuations, government policies and trade incentives which can largely impact their business.

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