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Get College Admission Essay Tips

Get College Admission Essay Tips

Submitted by • January 8, 2014

Most college applications in the United States will require the applicant to write an essay. The essay is a great help to college admissions officers because it will help them see a different side of the applicants. It gives the applicant a chance to show that they are more than just a test scores and a GPA. Remember to answer the question that is asked.. If they ask you about a person that you admire don’t ramble on about that person. Answer why you admire that person and re-direct it to how you put those admirable qualities into practice. Once you get a few simple, one word ideas on paper, just start writing without putting a limit on how much or how little you need to write. Just start writing. You can then cut it down or add to it later when more ideas start coming. Write about what you know…write about YOU. Nobody knows YOU better than you.

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