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Sap Hana Vora

Sap Hana Vora

Submitted by • July 1, 2016

SAP HANA Vora - Delivering discourse Awareness within the Digital Enterprise.

Understanding the worth of information

At SAP we tend to understand that not all knowledge is equal which is why we tend to designed and delivered the HANA knowledge management platform that has thought for your operational, analytical legal/statutory and IT necessities

Categorizing knowledge in Accordance to Operational connectedness

SAP offers associate intelligent, cost-efficient layer approach for managing knowledge from TB to computer memory unit scale
The solutions will co-exist or be leveraged severally of every different supported your business desires

Business edges

TCO reduction
Integration massive knowledge platform
Faster process of information in accordance with SLAs
Segregation of information supported business value/legal necessities
Access to knowledge once required
Significant footprint reduction

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