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Upsc Coaching In Hyderabad   – Pragnya IAS

Upsc Coaching In Hyderabad – Pragnya IAS

Submitted by • September 13, 2016

All that you should know to be a civil servant
• The ability to integrate relevant issues to develop a completeness in understanding.
• To develop insightful and creative thinking into every issue.
• The ability to communicate one’s viewpoint with confidence and conviction and that accurately and effectively.
• The ability to present yourself so as to meet the demands of the nation.
For a beginner
Aspirants sometimes have sense that "they can't get 'there' from here" because of "some reason." Sometimes people have "that sense" that they can't accomplish what they really want, whether the goal is personal, a major organizational objective, or something in between. We at Pragnya IAS, develop useful and powerful approach to overcome these situations.
• Seeking help to get "un-stuck"
• Clarifying needs and goals; then getting into action to accomplish big personal, national goals.
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