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How To Create Blogger Menu Bar Or Navigation Bar Class 12

How To Create Blogger Menu Bar Or Navigation Bar Class 12

Submitted by • October 5, 2016

Dear users welcome back in MyAkTiON. We are learning how to create a blog on BlogSpot in our previous classes we discus all about how to create a Gmail account for blogger, how to create a blog on BlogSpot, how to change the template of a blogger we also discus all about the settings of a blogger such as blogger basics setting, post comment and sharing settings email settings, language and formatting settings, search prefaces and other settings. After that we discus all about the blog post where we learn how to create a good SEO optimized blog post and discussed all option under the edit new post option. In this tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to create menu bar in blogger for this purpose I change the blogger template aging now I choose sahifa BlogSpot blog for batter search optimization. And now changing the menu bar into the blogger BlogSpot let’s get start

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