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Submitted by • November 7, 2016

The CMA /ICWA course at the Final level (ICWAI: Final Examination) consists of theoretical examinations as well as compulsory practical trainings

For those students who are pursuing the course through Foundation i.e. after passing Foundation level, this would be the third level course relating to the CMA/ICWA (Cost and Works Accountancy – Professional Accounting) Course.
For those students who are taking up the course after their Graduation this is the second level course.

Duration of this course is 12 Months

Course Structure Pattern




Academic Practical Training
[15 subjects arranged into
2 groups of 4 papers
of 100 marks each.] 1) Computer Course
2) Dissertation
3) Modular Training
4) Audit/Industrial Training

Grad. CMA

Temporary Status till membership is acquired.
(This is not a kind of membership)

Practical Experience/Training [3 Years]

Can be acquired either before or after or during the course

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