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Exenta Onboarding Module

Exenta Onboarding Module

Submitted by • May 30, 2013

A great start is key to a great lap. Obviously in an employee’s life, the first days at the new job create a lasting impression. Onboarding, thus makes more sense than mere introductions and trainings.
Onboarding is the very next process to Hiring management that lends a hand to hiring managers or a hiring person to successfully incorporate new employees in your company's culture so they become productive faster. For on boarding to be successful, it must involve a planned, structured and reproducible orientation system with each new employee. . This module is an impeccable tool to fasten quicken the onboarding process. It helps to maintain a dynamic environment right from joining day till the employee settles down properly. Every special accesses, logins, permissions and integrations can be well-defined in advance. Seating arrangement and logistics can be planned and readied through the system.

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