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Palmist In Delhi Ncr

Palmist In Delhi Ncr

Submitted by • September 9, 2016

Chirognomy- the type of hand reading introduced by D'Arpentigny in late 1700's where the hands are grouped in different shapes created a new foundation for hand reading.

Dermatoglyphics- it is a deep study of the different ridges on the hand.

Chirology- the modern type of hand reading that includes chiromancy, chirognomy and Dermatoglyphics.

Importance of color in Palmistry:

o White hands: lack of blood circulation

o Pink hands: good health

o Red hands: High blood pressure

o Blue hands: Sluggish blood circulation

Palmist find right hand more important than left hand as it shows the present condition and the left shows the past. The four major lines on the hands are the life line, the head line, the fate line and the heart line.

Each and every part of the palms are important for palm reading:

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