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A Discus Thrower Accelerates A Discus From Rest

Submitted by • November 2, 2018

1) A discus thrower accelerates a discus from rest to a speed of 24.9 m/s by whirling it through 1.22 rev. Assume the discus moves on the arc of a circle 1.01 m in radius.(a) Calculate the final angular speed of the discus.--------------- rad/s(b) Determine the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the discus, assuming it to be constant.------------------ rad/s2(c) Calculate the time interval required for the discus to accelerate from rest to 24.9 m/s.-------------------- s2) A car accelerates uniformly from rest and reaches a speed of 21.9 m/s in 8.92 s. Assume the diameter of a tire is 58.3 cm.(a) Find the number of revolutions the tire makes during this motion, assuming that no slipping occurs.-------------------- rev(b) What is the final angular speed of a tire in revolutions per second? ---------------- rev/s3) Find the net torque on the wheel in the figure below about the axle through O, taking a = 7.00 cm and b = 25.0 cm. (Assume that the positive direction is counterclockwis

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