Agile Scrum Master certification in Israel

The EXIN Agile Scrum Master certification confirms proficiency in both Agile and Scrum, highlighting collaborative efforts towards shared objectives. This credential is highly regarded in software development and various other sectors where Agile methods, especially Scrum, are employed. These methodologies involve self-organized, cross-functional teams that deliver functional products at the end of each iteration. This certification is ideal for individuals aiming to implement Agile or Scrum practices in their workplaces and take on the Scrum Master role, emphasizing efficient communication and agile development processes.
Training Options:
Classroom Training: Gain practical experience by engaging in real-world scenarios, learning directly from active practitioners and industry experts, and participating in interactive in-class activities.
Live Virtual Training: Join instructor-led live online sessions from any location. Stay updated on the latest developments in the Agile industry through comprehensive tutorials, informative articles, interview Q&As, and detailed case studies.
Course Curriculum:
An Overview of Agile: Understand the basics and fundamental concepts of Agile methodologies.
Why Agile? Explore the reasons and benefits behind adopting Agile practices.
Significance of Agile: Learn about the importance and impact of Agile in various projects.
Agile Manifesto: Delve into the core values and principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto.
Various Principles in Agile: Study the different principles that guide Agile practices.
Agile Frameworks: Gain insights into the different frameworks within the Agile methodology.
Project Management: The Changing Scenario: Examine how project management has evolved with Agile.
Agile vs. Traditional Approach: Compare Agile methodologies with traditional project management approaches.
Agile Facts and Figures: Discover interesting facts and statistics related to Agile practices.
Agile: Estimating, Planning, Monitoring, and Control