The desert lifestyle is best exemplified in Al Ain, the historic residence of the Sheikhs and one of the most traditional of the UAE’s major cities. There is proof that people have lived in this magnificent region of the earth for thousands of years; it is truly a succession of oasis.

It is essential to visit the Al Jahili Fort, Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum, camel racecourse, and animal market. This previously significant desert trading hub is rich in culture and home to a bazaar that goes back to the 18th century. Additionally, you can find a date palm plantation that still uses the traditional “falaj” irrigation system and take in the camel market haggling. After that, we’ll travel to Jebel Hafeet, a large mountain with a spectacular vantage point that overlooks the lovely city of Al Ain. In order to learn more about the abundance of healing water in this region, we will also visit the hot springs that are located at the base of the mountain.After this absolutely fantastic trip, we’ll have lunch in a four-star hotel. We then return to Abu Dhabi after that.


Day trip to Al Ain from Abu Dhabi with a local guide
Explore the UAE’s oasis “Garden City,” known for its green parks
Visit Al Jahili Fort and Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum
See the traditional falaj water channels amid the oasis palms
Travel up Jebel Hafeet mountain for epic city views
Walk around a Camel market, camel racetrack and mountain springs
Savor a buffet lunch of international cuisine at a 4-star hotel