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DIC Fasteners is an Exporter of Nuts and Bolts. We supply the complete range of Nuts and Bolts. Nuts, bolts, and other fasteners are essential in almost every business, including... Read More

Threaded Rod Exporter in Europe

DIC is the leading Threaded Exporter Rods in Europe. The size range for these threaded rods is M6 to M36. According to the needs of the customer, special sizes can... Read More

Like screws and bolts, the threaded rod is another frequently used fastener. Basically, it is a helical stud with threads on the rod. Similar in appearance to a screw, the... Read More

Coupling Nuts – DIC Fasteners

DIC Fasteners is a Coupling Nuts Exporter in India, hex-shaped nuts usually used to join externally threaded fasteners together. DIC supplied Coupling Nuts in various sizes and materials. As coupling... Read More

Threaded Rod – DIC Fasteners

DIC is the leading Threaded Rod Exporter in India. These Threaded rods are available in size range from M6 to M36. Special sizes can also be manufactured as per customer... Read More