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Cotter Pins Manufacturer and Exporter in India, also known as Split Pins. It is a simple fastener that is used to secure a bolt or any other rod shape fastener.... Read More

We Manufacture Clevis Pins, cylindrical pins with a head at one end and one or more holes running through a diameter. Clevis pins are used in marine, land, and vehicles,... Read More

Industrial Pins | Industrial Pins Manufacturers | DIC Fasteners

DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer and Exporter of all kinds of Pins in metric and inch sizes. Visit us today and get your quote. The main use of an Industrial... Read More

Blind Rivets | Blind Rivets Exporters | DIC Fasteners | Pop Rivets

Blind Rivets, also known as Pop Rivets, contain both rivets as well as mandrels. Available in a variety of Head types. Blind rivets are ideal for projects where joint... Read More

Hex Slotted Nuts| Slotted Nuts Manufacturer | Castle Nuts

If you are looking for a reliable exporter of Hex Slotted Nuts, DIC is ready to provide you Hex Slotted Nuts in custom as well as non-custom sizes. Our Slotted nuts... Read More

DIC Fasteners: Industrial Nuts and Bolts | Fasteners Exporters

DIC (Dedicated Impex Co.) has been exporting standard and custom fasteners worldwide. We supply both inch and metric fasteners. Our fastener line includes a wide range of materials such as... Read More

Countersunk Head Rivets – DIC Fasteners

We are a Manufacturer of Countersunk Head Rivets also known as Flat Rivets. Made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel making them is highly durable. These rivets are typically... Read More

Custom Industrial Nuts | Custom Nut Suppliers | DIC Fasteners

DIC Fasteners is the best leading high-quality custom fasteners Supplier and Exporter in India. Custom Industrial nuts are fasteners with threaded holes through them. Industrial nuts and mating bolts or... Read More

J Bolts | J Bolts Exporter | Fasteners Manufacturers

DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer and Exporter of J Bolts. It is a J- shaped bolt with a machine screw at the shaft and an open hook at the end,... Read More

Eye Bolts| Eye Bolts Exporters| DIC Fasteners

DIC Fasteners is a Manufacturer of Eye Bolts, a commonly used component in various construction works. Eye Bolts are externally threaded fasteners featuring loops that secure cable, wires, and chains... Read More