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EINS is a leading-edge Parking Management System, built on proven Microsoft .NET technologies. A powerful solution to parking issues, we offer a simple interface, powerful engine & evolution of technologies... Read More

With its simple interface, yet very powerful engine it is a perfect choice for today’s highly demanding security needs. Specially designed to keep track of visitors coming and going in... Read More

EINS Elevator based Access Control authorizes users to have access to specific floors in a building, at a predetermined time zone or to have access to certain floors for allotted... Read More

EINS material gate pass software is programmed to keep track of materials moving inward and out ward facilities By automating the entire process of tracking the movement, companies can reduce... Read More

Its simple interface along with a very powerful engine makes it a perfect choice for today’s highly demanding Asset Management needs. Assets across single or multiple location can be efficiently... Read More

Eins – Meeting room booking system is a simple solution to book the meeting room, conference or board room quickly and effectively. It makes it easy for end users and... Read More

A well-defined system that maintains the complete information of the people staying in the society including owners and tenants, maids, servants, other helpers and visitors, guests, vendors & contractors visiting... Read More

A complete attendance management solution that automates all your attendance processes. Managing your workforce in an efficient, fast and smart way can significantly improve your business in terms of profit... Read More

Access Control Systems facilitate authorized entry and protect offices, shops, buildings, malls etc from forced entry and thus minimize the chances of unauthorized access. EINS -Professional Edition -Access Control Module... Read More