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Textile Laboratory – Fiber Testing

This article introduces the equipment needed for fiber testing in the textile laboratory. In this paper, fiber length measurement, fiber fineness measurement, fiber crimp property measurement, fiber tensile property measurement,... Read More

Definition and Classification of Yarn Spinning

Yarn spinning is the process of creating yarn from fibers. Wool, cotton, and other natural fibers, as well as synthetic fibers, can be used. Spinning creates yarn, which may later... Read More

Spinning Process- The Major Steps

Spinning is a very ancient activity, and people have understood how to spin small fibers into long threads, which are subsequently weaved into cloth since prehistoric times. Spinning process, in... Read More

History of Cotton Spinning Machine

Cotton spinning machines are devices that convert prepared cotton roving into usable yarn or thread. The history of the cotton spinning machine is as follows. Such machinery can be dated back... Read More

Sublimation Fastness and Sublimation Fastness Tester

The Sublimation Fastness Tester is used to measure color fastness to hot pressing and dry heat, as well as to perform sublimation experiments. Providing controlled conditions of dry heat and pressure... Read More

How to Improve Colour Fastness

After dyeing, the fabric’s capacity to retain its original color can be represented by evaluating various color fastness. Washing fastness, rubbing fastness, light fastness, sublimation fastness, and other fabric indicators... Read More

Crockmeter(rubbing tester):The most valuable guidance

Rubbing color fastness refers to the color change degree of colored textile material caused by a certain way of rubbing with the small white cloth on a specific equipment. Crockmeter, also... Read More

A Comprehensive Guide to Color Fastness to Light

The sun resistance of dyes and materials is measured by color fastness to light. Sun exposure or solar machine exposure can be used as a test procedure. The sample's fading... Read More