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The setup wizard will help you with the repeater setup process. You can set up your network settings, modify the parental controls, and do more about accessing the TP-Link... Read More

The web address http://dlinkrouter.local gives you access to the D-Link router login wizard. This page can then be used to access the settings page and modify the same. For information... Read More

The Dlinkrouter.local web address can be used to provide setup to the D-Link router web wizard and begin with the network configuration of the same. For help on the D-Link... Read More

If you are not able to access the web address for Dlinkrouter.local setup page, you can try the basic troubleshooting steps as mentioned in the troubleshooting guides at our end.... Read More

The TP-Link repeater can be set up by using the web address Use the default web login credentials to access the same. For more help on accessing the tp-link... Read More