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Even celebrities have been drawn to the beauty of these stunning gemstones, despite the fact that jewelry made of gemstones has been prized since antiquity. They are all enthralled by... Read More

Moonstone the iridescent gemstone, is the birthstone for June. Moonstone has a play of colors called adularescence which makes it the magical gemstone. It complements the characteristics of the June... Read More

The combination of yellow ochre and deep red in a single gemstone embedded in a bright sterling silver setting to complement the appearance is a sight to behold. This can... Read More

Moldavite is rich in its green color that is the pure symbol of grace. This evergreen beauty looks alluring when combined with 925 sterling silver, and overall this fascinating color... Read More

Malachite is a colorful stone that is composed of Chalcedony and Quartz. It is predominantly formed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. Its ornamental use originates from Ancient Greece in assorted... Read More

A feldspar mineral called labradorite comes in a variety of colours, including grey, blue, yellow, purple, and green. These gemstones are typically found in thin, tabular forms. The feldspar family... Read More

Spiritually empower yourself by wearing elegant Lodalite Jewelry. The Lodalite is also known as a mystical stone. Add charm to even the simplest outfits by pairing them with subtle Lodalite... Read More

Opal is a brilliant gemstone that develops in silica-rich water. Amplification, purification, and hope are all represented by the opal. The Sanskrit term upala, which means precious stone, is whence... Read More

A magnificent gemstone with deep green tones is called moldavite. The gorgeous Moldavite is a member of the tektite family. Moldavite is a gemstone with a high vibration that raises... Read More

This gemstone with a spellbinding play of blue color makes exclusive Aquamarine jewelry, which is appreciated worldwide. The aquamarine gemstone jewelry makes your wholesale experience the best and memorable. And... Read More