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Lumadent has established its reputation by delivering customized and premium quality dental equipment like loupes and headlights. Our range includes essential accessories like eyewear frames, LumaShield, batteries, chargers, filters, cases,... Read More

At Lumadent, we offer an impressive range of loupes, headlights, mounts, and more. Our Galilean TTL and Galilean Flip-up range of Loupes come in three magnification powers of 2.5X, 3.0X,... Read More

Lumadent is a pioneer in designing custom-made loupes, headlights, and mounts, having won the Townie Choice Awards four years in a row. Our uniLUX range comprises our Headlights, Batteries, Cable,... Read More

End your search for the ultimate Headlight with Lumadent's uniLUX Headlights set. Our stylish and lightweight set is available in three trendy colors and contains two lithium-ion uniLUX batteries. The... Read More

Lumadent is a leading manufacturer of loupes and headlights for dentists and dental students, offering efficient solutions that deliver on their promise of performance. Our ProLUX Headlight set is an... Read More