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International Airport City is the Mini Residential Plotting Scheme near Dholera International Airport. This Residential plotting scheme is in Kamatalav Location which is called ‘The Santa Cruz of Dholera SIR... Read More

NA Commercial Plot At Sandhida, dholera SIR town planning scheme TP4B1. it is about 10, 649 Sq. Yards. it is located 800 meters away from 10 Lane Expressway & walk... Read More

A proposition to build up a fast metro rail that will go through Ahmedabad-Dholera City-Gandhinagar was submitted under the DMIC all-inclusive strategy and affirmed by the focal government. The rapid... Read More

Dholera Solar Park is a 5GW solar power project being developed in two phases in Dholera Smart City. the primary period of the 1 GW sun oriented power undertaking can... Read More

Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is a Central Government infrastructure initiative aimed at developing new industrial cities as "Smart Cities" and converging next generation technologies. With an aim to create... Read More

Sewage Treatment Plant is the way toward expelling contaminants from civil wastewater, containing fundamentally family unit sewage in addition to some mechanical wastewater. Physical, synthetic, and organic procedures are utilized... Read More

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is looking for tenders for the development of three segments of the Ahmedabad-Dholera Expressway Project. The project was reported in March 2010 and... Read More

A Water Treatment Plant (WTP) has been arranged in Dholera SIR Area to get and treat the crude water. Its water will be used for drinking and other human purposes.... Read More

Multimodal transport System can be additionally advanced when open stopping information is joined in the new biological system. Obviously, every vehicle outing starts and finishes with leaving. Along these lines,... Read More

The Activation Area contains a most extreme length of streets of around 61km TP Road reserves will include storm water drainage, water supply, sewerage, power, gas. The plan and development... Read More