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Paalai poo honey is collected right after the annual flowering of blackboard trees (also known as the Paalai tree). The honey has equally more health benefits as the tree, which... Read More

Oral cavities contain millions of microorganisms, some of which may cause minor to major health issues. Oral hygiene is most important for maintaining overall health as well as preventing gum... Read More

Honey is one of the most common traditional medicines in old times. It contains an Anti Inflammatory agent that stimulates the B and T Lymphocytes in our cell structure, which... Read More

Thumbai also called as thumba is a very common plant found across India and Philippines. It is a highly medicinal pant. The leaves and flowers are edible onethe flowers are... Read More

Cavity honey is found in rock holes, hollow dead tree trunks, and termite bursts. This cavity honey is produced by Apis Cerena, a small bee variety. Generally, it builds its... Read More

Ginger in honey is a natural concoction produced with ginger and honey. The medicinal benefits of both are summed up. Ginger is a well-known spice consumed in our daily life.... Read More

What is Single hive honey? The rare, unique and tasty honey combs are selected/handpicked, squeezed and packed separately in a hand crafted way to perfection which is called Single hive honey.... Read More

Every hive is collected and brought to the packing facility in individual trays. They are then cleaned for comb impurities, bark particles and finally extracted and bottled individually without mixing... Read More