Consulting the doctor online safe?

This is something the whole world is talking about. Since we are undergoing a lockdown, self-quarantine, social distancing, we can’t head to the hospitals easily. But somewhat at some time, we need doctor consultation.

To do this possible, video call doctor consultation with doctors becomes the talk of the town. people started to use this to consult with doctors online and take help for an emergency. But going to online doctor consultation is safe? People are skeptical about their data to be stolen by anonymous third parties.

Second Opinion is a trustworthy and leading online doctor consulting app. They provide you with the prime doctors for a consultation about your health problem. They are experts, and well-experienced doctors have attended hundreds of surgeries. Not like other services provided, they don’t give you random doctors for your health issue. It helps the doctor give the best suggestion and prescription for your problems. Try it if you are interested.The app has been developed by the hospital, so data privacy is protected and can’t be tapped by a third party network.

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