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Digital Gold: How it works, where to buy, benefits and disadvantages
Once you invest in digital gold, the companies purchase an equivalent amount of physical gold and store it under your name in secured vaults.
Today Gold is no longer used as currency but it can still be used as money. In fact, Gold has been a store of value for over 3000 years. Much longer than any currency anywhere. In India, Gold is believed to be “God’s Money” and is offered to holy temples on almost all auspicious occasions. This makes India the largest importer of Gold in the world today. Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, Indians have found a new way to invest in the yellow metal – Digital Gold.
As people are hesitant to visit jewellery stores and gold dealers, being able to procure gold online has come as a perfect solution to many investors. One Digital Gold trader, Augmont Gold Ltd. saw its businesses increase by 40-50% during the lockdown period.

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