Gardening Services in Geneva | Renovation Services in Geneva

Abilect offers enhanced gardening services in Geneva, Switzerland, Vaud, Neuchâtel, and Nyon. Our outstanding team of professionals has extensive knowledge and the necessary expertise to maintain your garden and make your property more valuable, rich, and aesthetically pleasing by constructing imaginative masterpieces.

You can have your lawns maintained or your garden cleaned and tidied as a one-time service. We also provide regular garden cleaning and maintenance services at times that are convenient for your company. In addition, we are constantly updating our equipment, knowledge, and technology to provide you with the best possible yard cleaning solutions supplied by reputable professionals.

Cleaning the lawn daily.
Shrub, bushes, and tree pruning.
Lawn, flowerbed, shrubbery, tree, and greenery maintenance.
Plant care for indoor and outdoor plants.
Watering lawns, plants, trees, and potted plants regularly.
Fertilizing and liming plants to keep them healthy.