Before you start the scented candle making process, make sure you have a clean, flat surface on which to base the candle. You can also protect the area with newspaper or paper towels.
Remove anything that is at risk of getting waxed. Then measure how many candles you need to fill your container, then double it. That's the amount of how much wax you need for the wax to melt.
After you have prepared the candle making materials above, let's get straight to the practice of making decorative candles:
• Melt the wax
Pour the wax into your double boiler and let it melt for 10 to 15 minutes, in this process try to stir the wax frequently to make it melt more easily.

• Add perfume
When your wax melts, it's time to add the perfume. Pour enough perfume into your melted wax and stir for a few seconds.
Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended to produce a beautiful decorative candle scent.

• Install the candle wick
The candle wick must be attached to the bottom of the container before you pour the candle. You can attach the wick by dipping it in the melted wax and then quickly attaching it to the bottom of the container.
Let the wax sit for five minutes until it hardens. Alternatively, you can stick it with super glue.