Jinan's laser industry is developing rapidly

As the largest laser equipment industry base in northern China, Jinan has a complete laser equipment industry chain and is the core area of the laser industry in Shandong Province. Advantageous company.
China's laser industry is the most dazzling in Shenzhen and Wuhan. Wuhan Optics Valley is

famous for its strong academic background and strong scientific research capabilities. Shenzhen
is famous for its many highly competitive laser companies. Unlike Wuhan and Shenzhen, the laser
industry relies on domestic demand to grow and develop. Jinan's laser industry is rooted in the
deep foundation of machine tool industry and developed on the basis of external demand and

import and export trade.
Looking at the development of Jinan's laser industry, its development speed is amazing.
In 1985, Jinan Casting and Forging Institute developed China's first laser cutting machine. Up
to now, there are 20 core enterprises in Jinan's laser equipment industry chain and more than
320 small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Jinan AccTek Machinery and Abletec
Machinery are the best among them, with rapid development momentum.
In 2020, the income of Jinan's laser industry will exceed 12 billion yuan, and in 2021, it will
exceed 15 billion yuan, of which Jinan AccTek Machinery and Abletec Machinery have achieved
growth of more than 50%. At present, Jinan has formed a scale advantage in the field of laser
processing equipment, and some core components, integrated application technologies and
equipment have reached the industry-leading level. One by one "the first in China" and "the world's first launch" are being completed by Jinan enterprises.
Since 2020, as leading companies such as Hongshan and Han’s have set up factories in the
north, Jinan has become a hot spot for investment by leading companies in the laser industry.