Labour’s Pharmacist Prescribing Service may face budget challenges, notes Thorrun Govind

With the Labour Party now in power, there is keen interest in the healthcare initiatives they pledged during their election campaign and how these proposals
will shape the future of NHS.

One of the key pledges in their healthcare reform is the introduction of the Community Pharmacist Prescribing Service, which aims to empower pharmacists with
independent prescribing rights where clinically suitable.

While pharmacists appreciated Labour’s acknowledgment of their role in patient care through expanded prescribing rights, they foresee some challenges in
implementing the service.

“Budgets will be a key issue,” said Pharmacist Thorrun Govind, also a Healthcare Lawyer (Brabners LLP).

However, she noted that, given the success of pharmacist prescribing services in the devolved nations, there is “a road map in place.”