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Linksys Router Setup it is relatively quite instant and trouble-free. You can set up your Linksys router through or via IP address Linksys setup and access Linksys Smart Wi-Fi page. Once you successfully install the Linksys Wi-Fi router and Linksys connect software, a unique network name and password will be generated with this. It is always recommended to update the password that is easy to remember. Linksys connect will automatically update the settings when you check the router setting details. Click finish to return on the main screen. For security purpose, it is always recommended to update the router’s admin password. If you forgot the password of your Linksys router, you can reset your router to go back to factory settings of your Linksys router. To perform factory settings. You can update Linksys router using manual or automatic method. The firmware must be updated constantly to keep the router secure. A Firmware update ensure that the router stays compatible with the latest media devices so that the user doesn’t have to go around buying new routers every time they wish to buy a new media device. All the important data of the user passes through the router such as the private information of the user, their emails and passwords, their banking information when they buy something online and more. The firmware update is to ensure that the security on the router is kept up to date as well.

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