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Solar Street Lights make full use of energy from the sun - mono solar panel with high efficiency, LED source, intelligent controller, lithium battery are all in one. It uses... Read More

USES Enoxaparin(Elexan) is a medication that is used to prevent and cure dangerous blood clots. This lowers the chances of a stroke or heart attack. By reducing the activity of clotting... Read More

The last two years have been a period of dynamic changes in the consumer goods and services markets, cultural and social ones. The resulting new needs also forced changes in... Read More

HUMAN NORMAL IMMUNOGLOBULIN – IMMUNOREL is made up of proteins from liquid human serum that CONTAINS antibodies from healthy adults. This is used to boost the body’s natural... Read More

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Os compressores de parafuso série EN da ELGi são conhecidos pela confiabilidade, baixa exigência de manutenção, e uso de pequenas áreas que fazem com que sejam ideais para aplicações industriais... Read More

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Angiologia Recife oferece serviços de tratamento de varizes. As varizes são um dos problemas mais antigos em humanos e estima-se que 20% dos adultos por volta dos 30 anos tenham... Read More