Location: Japan

Electric smokers are an efficient way to smoke your meat without the hassle of monitoring constantly. Some of them can handle cold smoking while others are capable of handling hot... Read More

Otaru, a port city on Hokkaido, lies northwest of Sapporo on Ishikari Bay. The city is known for glassworks, music boxes and sake distilleries. All the information for tourist and... Read More

The New Chinese Startup NIO Inc.., severely affected due to the shortage of semiconductor chips. NIO is the biggest rival of Tesla in the production of Electric and is emerging... Read More

The Jinji Golf School is the best place for anyone who wants to play or practice golf in a fun and friendly atmosphere in the Tokyo or Yokohama area. We... Read More

A car's paintwork is subject to daily shocks and over time the paint becomes dull, becomes covered with fine scratches and its color may even tarnish.The polish contains fine abrasives... Read More

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