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Is LuSi & TestChest Enable With Real Time Search in Artificial Intelligence?

Yes LuSi ,our Neonatal Lung Simulator ,is world's first autonomous and advance baby lung simulator with real-time artificial intelligence. TestChest, is an innovative full physiologic artificial lung that provides a... Read More

Freyr provides Swiss Authorized Representative (CH-REP) services to foreign medical device manufacturers for their product registration and market entry in Switzerland and acts as a single point of contact in... Read More

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You Should Know About Ventilation Training from Neosim

Neosim is a Swiss company founded by experts with strong background in lung physiology and mechanical ventilation. Our mission is to save lives from day one by using our autonomous... Read More

How lung anatomy advantage for human lives?

Neosim was founded on the principles of developing simulators that have autonomous physiology which are based on published scientific data and are as close to reality as possible. Our mission... Read More

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Movers services in Geneva | Gardening services

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Now a days lung similator are the advance human lung simulator with real time search in artificial intelligence.It helps to operate like RDS, lung collapse,weak muscular activity, pneumothorax etc.The windows... Read More

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Are you looking Affordable baby lung simulator

Baby lung simulator is world's first autonomous and advance baby lung simulator with real-time artificial intelligence. It can simulate pathologies like RDS, lung collapse, weak muscular activity, pneumothorax , airway... Read More