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Mobile payment is any type of digital payment service that allows users to complete transactions using a portable electronic device such as a cell phone or tablet. With the benefit of being quick and convenient, mobile payment in Nigeria is fast growing and comes in many forms, from USSD codes to digital wallets and peer-to-peer apps. If you’re curious to learn more about the mobile payment landscape in Nigeria, this article will the unique forms of mobile payment in Nigeria, as well as some of the top platforms for your payment needs.

Available Types of Mobile Payment in Nigeria?
There is a range of mobile platforms that offer various payment solutions in Nigeria. However, while they all require a mobile device, there are differences in how they work. Here are five of the most common categories of mobile payment in Nigeria, explained.

1.USSD Payment

This mobile payment method allows users to complete transactions by dialling special codes on their devices. These codes usually with the following format: *number# communicates with the associated financial service provider and displays various transaction options for the user to make a selection.
Benefits of USSD Payment in Nigeria

The major benefit of this USSD mobile payment option is that users do not need to have an internet connection or a smartphone to initiate and complete transactions. This is a big plus for remote areas in Nigeria where internet coverage is limited and no banks are located nearby.
2. Mobile Banking

This payment option is usually issued by banks and provides users with a variety of banking functions from the convenience of their mobile bank app.

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