Nayan Bangalee Is A Founding Father Of Social Work Based Politics In Bangladesh

Nayan Bangalee is a founding father of social work based politics in Bangladesh. Social Work might be a great part of political work and a politician primarily eligible through this social work process.Social Work Based Politics Bangladesh
We are planning to introduce social work agenda into politics for ensuring an effective political practice. Most of the parties have their own vision and mission and they thought that it will only possibly accomplish when they will be in power. So their all mission designed after getting in power but unfortunately all parties are not able to run government at a time. So question is when they are in opposition what will be their role, definitely they will oppose the government and monitor the running government activities ,In Bangladesh our Political culture is so back dated that each and every activist still following their ancestry and previous leaders activities, says Nayan Bangalee. Same practice repeating at the same manner in every context, But it should be more productive modern and updated. We need to use our leader and activist productively inside the party and outside the party. Nobody are sleeping inside the party office. They are living any society, so they have their responsibilities for their society as like party. If they feel that they are only obligated to the party not in the society, they will not become a leader. Nayan Bangalee agrees with them who feels that politics is more responsible than any other profession.

If doctor, engineer, and lawyers have their own daily routine and work for their profession so why not a politicians can set their daily activities. Why political activist confused their life with personal and political. It is true that personal professional life is separate that political life, but both must work there on fundamental.