PDA BAME pharmacists group elects three women pharmacists as network leaders

The BAME Pharmacists Network of the Pharmacists’ Defence Association has elected three women pharmacists as it’s new officials.

Following the network’s second set of elections since its launch in April 2020, Sima Hassan has been elected as president, Wai Chan Lau her deputy and Osariemen
Egharevba-Buckman as honorary secretary.

A community pharmacist for over 18 years and an academic, Ms Hassan will take over from outgoing president Elsy Gomez Campos who saw through the work of the network
during a very difficult period in the midst of a global pandemic.

Ms Hassan has been a prominent member of the BAME pharmacist community. She recognises and appreciates the complexities of issues that BAME pharmacists face and the
scope for work that needs to done for wider recognition.