PDA joins International Pharmaceutical Federation

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has become a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

On Thursday (22 September), the FIP council voted to welcome the PDA as a full member of the global federation of organisations that brings together and advances

Mark Koziol, PDA chairman, said: “Being admitted to FIP with such a decisive level of support from its Council means that the PDA can ensure that UK pharmacists
can enjoy a clear and powerful voice representing their collective professional interests at global level, which of late they could not.

“Bringing one of the largest pharmacy membership organisations in the world to FIP also gives the PDA significant influence in being able to inform the policies of
the World Health Organisation. This means that the PDA can do even more for members by helping to make pharmacy practice more professionally fulfilling for them.”

“The PDA constantly seeks ways to provide even better support for members; membership of FIP will give the PDA much more influence and will result in better outcomes
for pharmacists,” the association said.

To support humanitarian crises in other parts of the world, the PDA approached FIP, as a global pharmacy leadership organisation.