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As one of the most trusted Hydro testing services in UAE , we ensure your piping and systems are up to the task. Our Eiwaa is best Pressure Testing companies in UAE and also Pipe freezing Services . EIWAA offers pressure testing of pipelines,Vessels,Elbows, Hoses, Cargo Hoses, Pipe lines, Pipe spools, Control Valves, Actuators, Oil Suction Hoses, Water Hoses, Skids, Pressure Vessel, Manifolds, Air compressors etc
Pipe spools and chambers either by using water(Hydro Testing) or by Air(Pneumatic Test).A Pressure test conducted to prove the integrity of pressure vessel with the use of liquid medium is known as Hydro test or hydrostatic test. The fluid used in the flushing or hydrostatic testing operation which is normally clean /fresh water or treated fluid. (Where applicable a suitable corrosion inhibitor, chloride controlled water, combination or mixture of such are used to prevent the possibility of damage due to the adverse effect of water on the pressure vessel material of its product service).

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