Pole Shelving System -Contemporary Design Solutions/Wardrobe Fittings

Space creation is the new trend, rather than space saving. Solid wood and heavy brown furniture is giving way to lighter things. Customisation is the new mantra in, as people want solutions that suit their lifestyle and help them to be clutter free. Trying to have maximum clutter-free zones in the house can bring positive vibes to your space and help in uplifting the overall décor of your house. We all want to store well in the small places available and there are plenty of ways to organise the disorganized cluttered spaces, be the kitchen, living room or bed rooms, wardrobes or closets, so that daily life can be little smoother. The foremost step to create and organize clutter free zones is to take stock of what’s inside, what is needed and to get rid of anything that you don’t want or use on regular basis.

Question yourself the very purpose of you organising, whether it’s de-cluttering, for convenience & time saving, or aesthetics. Once you have the clarity on why you want to become organized, it’s easier to find a solution that will work best for your needs. The knowhow on how to store can be much helpful in figuring out both physical space and head space available. Pole Shelving System is one sure product at SIA to help you utilize your wardrobe/clothing space sensibly. Not only the wardrobe or clothing space, even the spaces in the living room, kitchen etc. can be used effectively with various contemporary design solutions that are available. One of such solution is the Pole shelving system, which is apt for both homes and for retail outlets. This modern concept is simple in design and is flexible to change as per your requirements and purpose.

Pole Shelving System can be used to create the perfect combination of closed and open storages to meet your needs. These offer a wide choice of fittings that can make your bed rooms or living room or your retail showroom/outlets look more spacious and open.