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Roopkund Trek – Trek In Uttarakhand | Trekveda

Roopkund Trek – Trek In Uttarakhand | Trekveda

Submitted by • February 10, 2020

Roopkund Trek: A Mysterious Skeleton Lake Trek
Roopkund trek is in Uttarakhand. We all know that Roopkund trek is famous for its Skeleton Lake. The Lake is mysterious because more than five hundred skeletons of human are found at the edge of Skeleton Lake or Roopkund Lake.

It’s one of the best sites to trekking in Garhwal. Roopkund does not attract people in India but Trekker from abroad visit Roopkund each year.

The mystery of Roopkund remains a question for everyone. Some people believe that these skeletons are of heroes who had fought in the earlier times.

Along with the human, horses and other animal Skeletons are also present there.

In 1942 the skeletons were discovered the first time. It believes by the researcher that the death is caused by Landslide or Epidemic.


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