Schroder GSM (100CM2) Cutter & (GSM 200) Weight Balance Machine cheap price in Bangladesh

The GSM Cutter and Weight balance is a textile and garments testing instrument which is used measuring of GSM for fabric and Paper with the help of a GSM Cutter and Weight balance.

The (100CM²) GSM Cutter is a textile testing instrument. (100CM²) GSM Cutter is used cut for fabric, paper, PVC of flooring, PVC film and other flexible sheet material size of 100CM² for measure GSM Weight.

The Schroder (100CM2) Cutter is a circular cloth, paper etc. sample cutter. Which area of the cloth pattern cut by GSM cutter is 100 square centimeter areas simply put that’s the Weight of the cloth, paper etc. But first, it’s important to understand that GSM also has another acronyms that do mean an equivalent let’s start with those. GSM (also referred to as GM2) = Grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a cloth, paper etc.

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