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Fashion Designing course near me

Lakhotia College of Design offers an extensive range of fashion design courses that cater to the diverse needs and aspirations of aspiring fashion designers. With a curriculum that blends creativity... Read More

Fashion trends are constantly evolving, spurred on by a variety of factors that shape consumer preferences and influence designers' choices. From cultural shifts to technological innovations and seasonal changes, the... Read More

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Moldavite is a dark green Gemstone that has a mysterious origin. Moldavite is a molten glass stone that is thought to be formed by a large meteor effect. Moldavite is... Read More

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The stunning green Moldavite has a varied history and a distinctive formation. Moldavite is a member of the tektite family of glass gemstones, which are created as a result of... Read More

3 years diploma in fashion design

The Diploma in Fashion Designing course at Lakhotia College of Design is designed to provide students with comprehensive training in the field of fashion design. This course is a perfect... Read More