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The Working Principle Of The Screw Conveyo

The Working Principle Of The Screw Conveyo

Submitted by • September 27, 2019

the working principle of the screw conveyo
The screw conveyor, commonly known as the dragon, is a kind of conveying task that uses the rotation of the spiral blade (or blade) to push the material forward along the trough to complete the horizontal, oblique and vertical directions. The working principle is that the blade rotates in the trough to push the material against the gravity, the friction against the trough and the like; the trough moves forward. For the vertical conveying screw conveyor (commonly known as Lilong), the blades must overcome the friction caused by the gravity and centrifugal force of the material to move the material upwards. For this reason, the latter must have greater power and higher speed, so It is called a fast screw conveyor; the former has a low spiral speed and is called a slow screw conveyor. Some changes in the shape of the spiral (such as full leaf, ribbon, crescent, paddle) have different functions and can accomplish different tasks. For example, it i

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