Top 10 Most Volatile Stocks in India

Volatile stock means it Fluctuates the most. In simple terms, the stocks have a decent amount of swing in the intraday movement. Beta can be calculated using regression analysis. This content will surely give you an analytical view of the most volatile stocks in India. By using it, investors can get a profitable return from 2019. However, in simple words, by calculating Beta, one can judge the volatility of a stock and its systematic risk. We know that Beta is a stock volatility measure of the market. If a stock swings many times, it has a beta above 1.0. For example, a 1.20 beta indicates the stock is 20% more volatile than the market. All the stocks discussed above exhibit the most volatile stocks in India; hence they are apt for trading in the short term, like intraday trade or trading days of 2-3 days. These stocks are a top pick for futures and options investors. Investing in these stocks can reap a large chunk of money, but they have to be actively monitored.