What is an intraocular lens and which one is the best fit for your lifestyle?

Inside your eye, you have a natural lens that focuses light onto your retina. Your natural lens has the ability to change shape to allow the eye to focus at different distances, such as focusing for driving distance and then reading up close. A cataract occurs when this lens becomes cloudy with a cataract, and it affects the light passing through clearly, making cataract removal necessary.

There are several different types of IOL available, and making the correct choice can seem overwhelming, especially when dealing with cataracts. At Nexus Eye Care, we use specialized equipment to carefully measure your eye and calculate which lens will achieve the best vision for you, even after cataract surgery. Then your Ophthalmologist will take the time to discuss and explain all the lens choices, including those suitable for cataract patients, and help you choose which lens will work best for you and your lifestyle with cataract-free vision.

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What is an IOL and which one is the best fit for your lifestyle?