Location: China

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NTGD Breather Valve, Your Breather Valve Expert of Proven Quality & Trustworthy Service

NTGD breather valve manufacture company is an ISO certified breather valve manufacturer. Our main products including weatherproof Breather Valve, tank breather valve, breather valve with flame arrestor, jacket breather valve,... Read More

NTGD Needle Valve, Your Needle Valve Manufacturer of Proven Quality & Trustworthy Service

NTGD needle valve company is an ISO9001 certified needle valve manufacturer who is located in China. Our products range from needle valve, needle globe valve, thermal instrument valve and valve... Read More

NTGD Sight Glass, Your Sight Glass Expert of Proven Quality & Trustworthy Service

NTGD sight glass company is an ISO 9001 certified sight glass manufacturer in China. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of sigh glass, including flange sight glass, floating... Read More

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NTGD Knife Gate Valve, Your Knife valve Expert of Proven Quality & Trustworthy Service

NTGD knife gate valve company is an ISO certified knife gate valve manufacturer. NTGD specialized in manufacturing knife gate valve, including pneumatic knife gate valve, manual knife gate valve, through... Read More

NTGD Plug Valve, Your Plug valve Expert of Proven Quality & Trustworthy Service

NTGD plug valve, established by a team of experienced engineer in 1999, has dedicated itself to plug valve manufacturing for more than 20 years. NTGD plug valve is an ISO9001... Read More

Activated Carbon Company – ACC

Activated Carbon Supplier ACC offers a wide range of activated carbon products for different industries such as water treatment, food & beverage, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas. ACC supplies wood, bamboo,... Read More

Micro Silica Fume Supplier and Manufacturer – ACC

ACC is one of the earliest suppliers of micro silica in China. We provide micro silica fume with different grades and densities that is used in many famous construction projects... Read More